Being One will gather in Valencia next 12, 13 and 14 of October to more than 12 national and international best-seller to talk about who or what we are and our relationship with the Universe. Remember that we will have simultaneous translation in 5 languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese). In this edition we will also have live musical performances. To consult the complete program click here.


Biochemist, chiropractor, doctor in neuroscience, professor and researcher specialized in neurology, brain chemistry and cell biology. Since 1997 he has given conferences to more than ten thousand people and organizations around the world. He is the author of the bestseller “The placebo is you”.


Author and lecturer, considered one of the most acclaimed voices of the political, social and spiritual movement of the United States. Seven of his twelve published books have been best sellers of the New York Times, including “Back to Love.” In 2006, Newswek magazine named her one of the fifty most influential women in the United States.


Psychologist, New York Times science journalist and professor at Harvard, Goleman is considered the father of emotional intelligence thanks to his bestseller “Emotional Intelligence”, a revolutionary scientific dissemination work on how we communicate with humans and how Emotions influence our life.


She is one of the most beloved and respected writers in the United States, known worldwide for her best seller “Eat, Pray, Love”, an autobiographical novel that, after its publication in 2006 and with more than 10 million copies sold, became an authentic cultural and social phenomenon that inspired thousands of people. Four years later the story was taken to the movies starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem.


Writer, doctor and therapist, considered a true phenomenon of sales in the world thanks to the spectacular boom that has experienced all the subject related to psychiatry and self-help. Author of more than 120 books, his publications cover the best-seller lists in the world with books like “Let me tell you” or “Tales to think”.


Writer and international speaker considered as the main authority of Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian art to solve problems. Mabel has written numerous books, including “The Easiest Way”, and has collaborated with the United Nations to promote peace in the world. Mabel Katz participated in the first edition of Being One Forum in Madrid.


Engineer, therapist, trainer and introducer of the tapping in Spain, a technique that was born in the United States by Dr. Roger Callahan to solve energy blockages. He has treated entrepreneurs, politicians and elite athletes and trained in tapping thousands of people around the world.


American author and lecturer, considered one of the most influential spiritual leaders and social activists in the West. He participated in the documentary and best seller “The Secret”, one of the most read books of our time. Collaborate with the United Nations in promoting peace in the world.


Architect turned into a best-selling author, lecturer, coach and trainer, considered the new voice of self-help and change in Spain. The best seller “Believe in you” has become a genuine manual of personal growth and empowerment that thousands of people follow.


Prestigious American scientist, doctor in cellular biology from the University of Virginia. He has been a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin and a researcher at the Faculty of Medicine at Stanford University, where he developed the first investigations in the field of epigenetics. In his bestseller “The Biology of Belief“, Lipton explains how our body can transform if we re-educate our beliefs and thoughts.


Dr. Óscar Segurado, MD PhD, is a medical scientist with decades of experience in neuroscience and immunology. Renowned researcher of the interaction between mind, nervous system and immune system, and its effects on our well-being, especially anxiety. He has incorporated essential principles of holistic medicine into his research in neuroscience and immunology, creating the NEO Chi lifestyle that he summarizes in his bestseller “Mindful framing”.


Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop, known artistically as Desireless is one of the most popular voices in France. At the end of the eighties Desireless became one of the most listened bands of the moment thanks to its success “Voyage Voyage”, a work that for several years would occupy the first place in the musical classifications of the world, selling more than five million copies.
To see your worldwide success “Voyage Voyage” click here


Pastora Soler is one of the most important voices of Spanish music. Her combination of copla, flamenco and Spanish song with pop sounds, has made her one of the most acclaimed artists in the music scene with more albums sold. He has collaborated with artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Raphael, Monica Naranjo, Malú, David Bustamante and Miguel Poveda. Throughout his career he has collected important prizes counting to date with two platinum records and two gold records.



Presenter of the second edition of Being One Forum in Valencia. Ximo is one of the most popular and recognized television presenters. The success of his professional career came during his long career in the old RTVV, Channel 9, with programs such as “Tómbola” and other successful formats. Later he would make the leap to Antena 3. Ximo Rovira currently directs and presents the Magazine “Valencia Directe”, in Levante Televisión.



Co-presenter of the second edition of Being One Forum in Valencia. Silvia is a Valencian journalist, broadcaster and presenter, whose professional career has been linked to Valencian public television, the former Channel 9. She is currently presenting, with Ximo Rovira, the magazine “Valencia Directe”, on Levante Televisión.